~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)

Where to Find a Modern Day Slave Market

A woman I know was driving her two children home from school when she suddenly began receiving back to back phone calls and text messages asking when she was available to meet up. In 30 minutes, she received as many calls (and many more texts and voicemails). Completely unnerved, she answered one of the calls and demanded to know what was going on. Men were on the other line.

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A Response to Your ‘Compliment’ (Hint, It’s Not Thank You).

“While some men may use the excuse of “oh it was a compliment”, deep down they know as well as we do (we being the women who receive it) that there is something more than just a friendly compliment happening when most of these guys say something to you.”

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Keys to Freedom

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End Sex Trafficking

Last year, I was asked by Erin Giles to contribute to her book “End Sex Trafficking: Let’s Be Impossible to Ignore” which raised funds for anti-human trafficking organization Not For Sale.  Erin … Continue reading

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The One

I have often been asked if I find it defeating to work for a cause (primarily made up of non-profits) to fight the enormous multi billion dollar industry of human trafficking. The answer … Continue reading

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End Sex Trafficking

I came home to this waiting on my porch last Monday. I was pretty excited. Erin Giles — Business Philanthropy Coach is bringing a straight up resounding call to action with … Continue reading

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What I Saw in Wal-Mart

I saw something in Wal-Mart the other morning which has haunted me and, no, it wasn’t the disastrous nutrition options, the mullets or the fact there are 27 check-out lines … Continue reading

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Was It Good For You?

Today #PornHasTaughtMe trended on Twitter (which means an enormous amount of Twitter users were using that hashtag in their tweets). You know what Porn has taught me over the past … Continue reading

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Dear Politician, My Eyes Are Up Here.

There is something ugly going on in the United States of America; a country frightened by the idea of ungoverned female sexuality while at the same time glamorizing sexuality as … Continue reading

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