~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)

Would You Like Fries With That? How to Eat While Abroad.

The meal consisted of coagulated blood, white thin noodles and herbs (or was it a vegetable?) that looked like twigs. It was piping hot, almost as hot as the air … Continue reading

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Do NOT Submit!

I depart for Thailand in two days (should the flooding leave Bangkok airport alone…) and I can’t wait. I keep thinking ‘this time next week I’ll be on a motorbike’, … Continue reading

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Vegetarians Beware

One evening in Chiang Rai I was riding through town, tucked into the back of the pick up truck. We were going around a rotary (the center had a large and beautiful temple we frequently saw people giving gifts to) and coming around with us was a man on a motorbike pulling a cart of some kind. We all leaned forward as whatever was in that cart looked… odd. And was it ever.

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Asking for Forgiveness | Regret and The Vietnam War

This post was published in ‘End Sex Trafficking: Let’s Be Impossible to Ignore’ One quiet and beautiful day we had a church group from Hawaii, touring Thailand to learn about … Continue reading

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My Unexpected Student: Teaching English

There was a small and well stocked shop down the road, around the bend and up the hill from the Resource Center. It was a well stocked store. I used … Continue reading

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Life is a Series of Perspectives

While in the car today, teeth chattering as I tried to defrost from the 17 degree temperature outside, I informed my mother how I had had the unfortunate experience of … Continue reading

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You Give Me Fever

I have a sweet student named Aunglee who attends my Level 1 English classes. The first couple of times I saw him I was struck by his little face, how … Continue reading

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I had my first marriage proposal this week. I’ve mentioned I have an adult student (whose name, I am ashamed to say, I can never remember) I teach English to … Continue reading

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Here is a list of what some of the SOLD scholarship kids want to be when they grow up. … Guess which one is my favorite.

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The Head of A Buffalo | Otherwise Known As Lunch

Michael and I sit outside the church in the shade by the water cooler. All around us are people who have traveled from various Akha villages. Some are standing and … Continue reading

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