~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)

Life’s Rewrite

“From actress to activist to advertising pro, Deirdre Flynn has been rewriting her life script for the past five years”

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Dear NY Post, This is MY Catcall

At least 2 times a week, very frequently more, I am stopped, hit on, whistled at, cat called, and made to feel like I was put on this earth for men’s eye candy. A piece of meat. Trash. A sex object. Someone who could easily be taken advantage of. A mouse you can easily chase and attack. For a mere 5 seconds, a man can say something derogatory to me and then continue with his day; meanwhile, it stays with me for my life,

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Why You Can’t Just Quit Hobby Lobby

Let’s stop with the ‘if women don’t like it, then leave’, making statements like ‘This is still a free nation, those women can get another job’ or ‘war on women?!’ when discussing Hobby Lobby/Supreme Court vs. The Majority of Pissed off 21st Century Women. Just. Stop.

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“How Safe Are Your Children from Human Trafficking?”

  In April  I was approached by Greta Borris, founder and editor of Inspiring Women Magazine (of which I am a contributing writer), to assist her in interviewing a survivor … Continue reading

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Finding Your Passion: In a Nutshell

I’m standing over my apartment bathroom sink staring straight into my puffy, bloodshot and sleep deprived eyes. For the 4th, or is it 8th night, in a row I am … Continue reading

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Yes and Yes: True Story

  A few months ago, thanks to my dear friend Michelle,  I discovered the fantastic Yes and Yes website. I’ve loved clicking on the great links suggested in ‘web wasters’ posts, applying … Continue reading

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“Why Are You Here?”

This essay was first published as a finalist in Stratejoy’s Essay Contest. I’m seated in a café bar in the art district of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (which may sound like … Continue reading

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Big Picture/Small Picture

A while ago I was contacted by a blogger, via the Twitterverse, to write a post on keeping the faith while fighting injustice. At the time I was overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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End Sex Trafficking

I came home to this waiting on my porch last Monday. I was pretty excited. Erin Giles — Business Philanthropy Coach is bringing a straight up resounding call to action with … Continue reading

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Stratejoy Essay. Life. On Your Own Terms.  We were in lush northern Vermont. All 26 members of my family crammed into various bedrooms, nooks and crannies. Plenty of board games … Continue reading

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