~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)

How to Leave New York City


The View from an Apartment Window

I find myself drawn to old movies- movies that show New York City in its real NYC heyday. Movies like Ghostbusters or Woody Allen movies; full of harsh lighting, grittiness, the sardonic sarcasm in everyday interactions and colors which look like it was shot through an Instagram filter.

In some ways, I’m so drawn to those films because they remind me of the New York from the first years I lived there. (I’ve moved into that era of life apparently; an era where I am old and I remember the way things were or back in the day).  I remember when the Lower East Side was a place I left once it became dark (I once had a conversation with a bartender in a trendy bar years later in that part of town. We talked about what the area once was and how he would see young women and men in their twenties, who trusted the urban renewal way too much and had no idea the echo of the neighborhood that still existed there at times, staggering home at four am drunk with phones out and purses flapping open), I was there when the World Trade Center still existed and Bushwick, Brooklyn was way way out of the way. It’s a city that gets into your blood and it has to, otherwise no one would ever put up with it.

New York City was my most committed relationship of my twenties.

And I left it.

I once had a roommate who asked me if living in NYC ever became easier. The New Yorker equivalent of “to be or not to be”. I responded as honestly as I could, “There are some pretty serious pros living here, but there are also some major cons. Most days when the pros outweigh cons but… when, on average, the cons start outweighing the pros that is when you have to go.”

So, if you have decided how to leave New York, how do you do it?

It can come down to these three things:

-Do it on your own terms.
Don’t let New York City make you feel like it pushed you out and you left defeated. Own this choice.

– You can’t just leave, you have to go somewhere.
Have a ‘plan’. Doesn’t have to be completely thought out, doesn’t have to be perfect or even make sense on paper…as long as it makes sense in your gut. You just have to know you are going to where you are called next to go.

You have to be ready.
You know when you are.

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