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Success | To Be or Not to Be

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Struggling with feeling as if success has actually happened.

Struggling to enjoy the achievement without immediately seeking out the next way to top it.

What is success? Is trying to answer this question the “to be or not to be” question of our generation? Maybe this feeling is the ‘curse’ of the American dream, after all this is a place where anything happen. So why stop reaching?

Wondering if I have been successful is something I’ve been working through the past couple of months. It’s a struggle I’ve been mildly resentful of as, personally, life is in one of the happiest and most content places I’ve ever had. When, tired of feeling this nagging sense of underperforming, I sat down and wrote out the major life and career accomplishments and realized I had achieved things of which one of them would have knocked my socks off when I was kid, I decided enough is enough.

America is ranked #17 worldwide for happiness. Mexico, a place where poverty, violence, corruption and crime is rampant, ranked higher than us.  Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world. In the past year, 115 million Americans report having dealt with significant stress.

As the popular American motto says ”no pain, no gain”. Why do we feel like we always have to (metaphorically) be in pain to be succeeding?

While some of these stats are a result of the economy but long before the recession hit, Americans were known for taking pride in how hard and how often they work, ask yourself how often you sigh how busy you are as a response to someone asking what you’ve been up to. So, let me ask you (as I have asked myself) will your job ever give to you what you give to it? Will you ever spend your twilight years wishing you had spent more hours at the office?

I am going to assume and hope you’d say no. So then why do most of us define how successful we are by ‘professional’ accomplishments? Why are we always feeling what we have done is not enough?

This must stop. What truly matters isn’t the professional accomplishments. Career milestones (while great and fulfilling) shouldn’t be how life is measured and where stress and focus are allocated.

From here on out, I am evaluating what are the successes in my life. I will take the time to enjoy a success without letting that little voice in the back of my head try to figure out how to leverage it into a bigger success. I will consciously focus on successes that matter; my relationships. How I do unto others as I would have done unto me. How I love and am loved in return.




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