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So Many Things to Blame Rape on Other than Rapists

So it’s my outfit, my state of sobriety, the time of night I decided to walk home and my lack of nail polishes fault too?

I never knew there were so many things to blame rape on other than a rapist.

I don’t doubt these men who claim to have created a date rape prevention nail polish were good intentioned and truly trying to do the ‘right thing’. The problem is it’s the right thing as illustrated by a society who has constantly told men and women it is the victim’s responsibility to not get raped (instead of ‘don’t rape’) and therein lies the problem.

Rapists are the only ones responsible for rape.  So I ask, how does this nail polish stop a rapist?

Let’s break this down: You dip your finger in your drink and suddenly your nail polish reacts. Now what? Do you tell the bartender, what if it was the bartender? Do you throw your drink in your date’s face and leave? Do you call the police? Let’s just say the police do show up… then what? Do you think they would arrest your date and charge him with intent and he will spend time in jail (thus keeping him away from other potential victims)? Hm. Given that only three out of every 100 rapists will ever spend even a single day in prison, only about one out of four reported rapes lead to an arrest, and only about one out of four arrests leads to a felony conviction and incarceration, I don’t see that happening.

Listen, I’m for precautions. I’m all for taking self-defense classes or being aware of your surroundings or carrying mace (as I do when I go running) but the point is, doing those things isn’t the point. The focus of a rape should not be on what the victim did or didn’t do to protect themselves. The last thing we need is more ammunition against rape victims, “this girl knew she had this blind date booked for two weeks. She couldn’t find the time to paint her nails with this polish before meeting her alleged rapist?”.

To prevent rape, we need an educated society where time and effort is spent on strengthening and enforcing laws that advocate for the victim not against.

To prevent rape we need a society where the majority understand what rape is and who is responsible for it and who isn’t. Let’s get to work on building a concoction that allows for that kind of prevention to happen.

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