~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)

2010- Thank You

Dear 2010, You were a year full of introspection, transitions, growth, lessons, contentment, a new language, new friends, challenges, joy, faith, loneliness, change, travel and love. I am so thankful … Continue reading

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The Super Bowl. It’s Not Just Tickets for Sale.

While living with my parents during the transition from Thailand to American life, I have seen more Patriot football games than I ever have before (and am slightly bemused at … Continue reading

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Now What? | That is the Question

What was it like in Thailand?’ As so many people were so graciously involved and invested in the work I was doing in Thailand, I am asked this question quite … Continue reading

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A Gift

As this year comes to a close, The SOLD Projects’ mission continues to be simple yet great: to prevent the exploitation of children in Thailand. The need for individuals to … Continue reading

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Life is a Series of Perspectives

While in the car today, teeth chattering as I tried to defrost from the 17 degree temperature outside, I informed my mother how I had had the unfortunate experience of … Continue reading

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To Forgive

First posted on Spring- Inspiration in Bloom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Do unto others As you would have others do unto you.” I am not sure how it is for other people but, … Continue reading

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Your Heart

The following post was originally seen on Spring – Inspiration in Bloom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How brave is it to be generous with your heart? How hard is it to be giving … Continue reading

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The following post was originally seen on Spring – Inspiration in Bloom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, … Continue reading

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The Responsibilty of Generosity

The following post was originally seen on Spring – Inspiration in Bloom. A friend of mine (along with 3 other women) runs Spring. She asked me to be the November … Continue reading

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Adjustments and Revelations (so far)

– walking around the house, thirsty, looking for a water bottle and then realizing “oh right, I can drink water out of the faucet here”. – struggling to stay awake … Continue reading

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