~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)


I wrote a post about two weeks ago about a young girl named Leane who is undergoing seizures/attacks. A few people have asked for updates. Unfortunately Leane is still ill … Continue reading

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My good friend Katie sent me the following excerpt in response to an email I had written to her. In the email I talked about how strange it will be … Continue reading

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I wonder what it will be like….

– to be able to drink water out of the faucet. – to not have order ice and pay for it. To just have it arrive ALREADY in your drink … Continue reading

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A Life Well Lived

My friend Lynette wrote a wonderful post about the passing of Blah’s grandfather. He was one of the first Christians in Thailand and lead a remarkable life. His son Luka … Continue reading

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English as she is spoke not writ

Excellent Op-Ed article from the Bangkok Post about the state of the English language and how it is taught in Thailand.  

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Border of Thailand and Burma

There is a barefoot monk walking in front of me, the bright orange of his cloth shimmering in the sunlight. The tarp, strung up to protect the vendors from the … Continue reading

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Dtuun -ten (or known in the English language as Excited)

I’m ripping open bags of plastic, extracting the mini potato chips bags and lining them up on the makeshift table in the Resource Center. All fans are turned up high … Continue reading

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Announcement! Announcement!

I am very excited to announce my friend Michelle Ward (the fabulous life coach who also interviewed me here before I left for Thailand) has asked me to be the … Continue reading

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(Re) Embarking

I think about the whole journey of my time here starting from when I made the decision in New York. My friends and family rallying around me and believing in … Continue reading

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Today or a Post with a lot of Parentheses

Today I saw a rather stern intimating looking traffic cop in Chiang Rai. He roared towards me (as I was a pedestrian on the sidewalk, I knew it wasn’t me … Continue reading

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