~Taken by the Wind~

(A Journey of a Leap of Faith)


Recently my roommates and friends, Heather and Michael Colletto, posted on their website a little blurp about me! It was a sweet thing to do (and the actor in me … Continue reading

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Real Estate in Thailand: Our New Home

“Everything is good Such a cosy room The windows are illuminated By the sunshine through them Fiery gems for you Only for you Our house is a very, very fine … Continue reading

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What to Drink in Thailand

You know you have found a good friend when they drive their manual truck (they just learned to drive (and being an American, means they also just learned how to … Continue reading

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What’s that Noise? | Roof Issues

I awoke before dawn one morning to the sounds of a ruckus going on above me. Still half asleep and disoriented, I thought for a moment I was back in … Continue reading

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To Forgive

I’m sitting on a bus (first class- they have different bus classes here in Thailand. $4 gets you the first class with wide seats, AC, a water bottle and snack. … Continue reading

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Passion Fruit

A few weeks ago sweet little Ahn (whose voice, as Heather and Michael have described, is a mix of a feminine melody and an Ewok) gathered all of us adults … Continue reading

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Things I will Miss About Thailand:

Buying coconuts for less than 15 cents apiece, taking them home, expertly opening them with a machete and drinking the juice and eating the fruit whenever I feel like a … Continue reading

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Watch Yourself: Crosswalks in Vietnam

Before arriving in Vietnam I had been warned by friends, fellow travelers and guide books crossing a road in Vietnam is no easy feat. It’s even worse than Thailand. Traffic … Continue reading

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Go Fish

I was driving home at dusk the other day, after sitting out hours of rain at Rachel and Kevin’s house. The sky was a light blue with pink clouds. The … Continue reading

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Red Light

There is a Red Light District in Chiang Rai. It’s a strange place, beyond the obvious reasons. It’s maybe half a New York City block and interspersed within are bars … Continue reading

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